My classes are for beginners through to experienced vocalists.
I offer music lessons tailored to each individual’s level and wishes in the following…

I draw from a wide range of vocal techniques and schools of thought that I’ve learned along the way, and tailor it to your needs and abilities.

I can help you

  • – Find your voice and unique sound
  • – Extend your range
  • – Try out songs and genres that suit your style and sound
  • – Create your own arrangements of popular songs
  • – Develop microphone techniques and skills
  • – Write your own music
  • – Understand and devise harmonies
  • – Sing with accompaniment and work with musicians
  • – Develop vocal power and nuance
  • – Care for your voice with correct vocal technique.

And much more.

New Edinburgh Singing Lesson Course

We are very excited to be able to announce a two-day acoustic live performance vocal workshop for six participants aged 18 or over Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 15:00 both days.

There’s no requirement for any prior experience of performing – just a passion for singing and an ear for a song! Join us at The Wee Music Cabin for two days of musical experiment and discovery in a friendly, relaxed environment. You’ll be surprised just how much you can develop in a short time.

This workshop will offer lots of opportunities to grow individual performance skills and confidence. It’s not about turning out six polished performances at the end of the course, but about exploring each individual’s own goals, building confidence and of course having an awful lot of fun in the process.

What you will learn

During the two days we’ll help you to…

  • – Find your voice
  • – Discover your potential and make the most of your unique talent
  • – Build your confidence and break down the barriers
  • – Sing solo in front of others and develop microphone skills
  • – Tips and tricks for taking care of your voice
  • – Sing as an ensemble: tune in to others and harmonise.

Cost £150 for the two days of intensive coaching.

For full details about our workshops, get in touch.