Don’t just take my word for it. I asked my students to share their thoughts on what my lessons mean to them. Here’s what they told me.

“You go at our own pace, and Clare shows you what you’re really capable of” – Olivia, vocal student

“I’ve found working with Clare to be hugely inspiring” – Scott, piano/vocal student

“Clare helps me to become more competent and confident about myself as a musician” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“Even if a performance isn’t your best, there’s always something good and you can learn from the experience” – Emily, vocal/piano student

“I started lessons because I had the vision of being able to sing a few songs to get a party started. I had never really sung before so I needed help” – Steven, vocal student

“Clare is able to give your first-hand advice as an experienced, gigging musician” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“It’s great to have a teacher who really cares about who you are and how you’re progressing – it’s more than just a job for Clare” – Emily, vocal/piano student

“What have I learned about myself? It sounds cheesy, but I now feel music is part of me!” – Steven, vocal student

“I love my weekly lesson, I feel ongoing progress and it is a total escape from my normal busy week” – Steven, vocal student

“My lessons with Clare are a relaxing and therapeutic and I always come back inspired and more confident about myself” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“Clare has already helped me to improve my piano playing to support myself when singing” – Juliette, accompaniment student

“Lessons are relaxed and terrific fun. I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence as a singer from her tuition” – Cath, vocal student

“Clare makes you feel completely at ease during her lessons. You get more out of sessions when you’re relaxed” – Scott, piano/vocal student

“The student gig was amazing, I felt so privileged to be on the same line up as such wonderful singers and a fab band” – Steven, vocal student

“I’ve learned I need to let go about pleasing other people and play/write music for myself” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“I am quite hard on myself but Clare brings out the best in my ability!” – Juliette, accompaniment student

“The student gigs have helped me to move forward as a performer and manage my nerves” – Cath, vocal student

“My lessons are an essential fun part of my week” – Steven, vocal student

“I felt AMAZING after the student gig – I don’t think I have ever played to an audience so engaged” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“My lessons are the perfect balance between having fun and leaving with new knowledge that really helps me progress” – Emily, vocal/piano student

“Having performed at a few student gigs, I’ve learned to deal with the nervous feeling of singing in front of a crowd. I can see progress in myself from gig to gig” – Scott, piano/vocal student

“Sometimes it’s a music therapy session – I feel 100 times better when I walk out that door!” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“I like the fact that I can talk to Clare about difficulties I’ve faced working as a musician as it’s something she has experience in – Juliette, accompaniment student

“Clare’s lessons are good fun and I always look forward to them. I’m always motivated afterwards because she’s honest, positive and encouraging” – Emily, vocal/piano student

“Coming from a production background, my goal is to develop myself as a musician and performer but also to help me relate better to artists/musicians I’m working with in the studio” – Scott, piano/vocal student

“The Cabin is a safe, relaxed place to make mistakes and improve” – Cath, vocal student

“Clare has been great at helping me to develop my skills as a songwriter” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“Through working with Clare I’ve learned that I’m capable of so much more than I first thought possible” – Scott, piano/vocal student

“In Clare’s lessons it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s an amazing experience for anyone who wants to sing – Clare really is an amazing teacher” – Olivia, vocal student

“I never thought I’d be able to stand up in front of an audience and sing when I started out. It’s a great feeling when you challenge your own preconceptions. And a real buzz!” – Cath, vocal student

“Clare is great at varying lessons according to my needs. My vocal skills are actually moving on quickly, even though I’d originally just wanted instrumental lessons” – Juliette, accompaniment student

“The student gigs are great and it’s good to meet other students and see how they have improved. Emily, vocal/piano student

“Clare’s teaching is very positive and I feel she brings a lot out of me” – Alyssa, vocal/piano student

“The Cabin itself is an absolute dream!” – Emily, vocal/piano student